Triumph Service Plan

    LiquidCapital has added the Triumph service plan to its existing portfolio of mechanical warranties and tyre and rim insurance. LiquidCapital Managing Director, Kerry Cassel says, “We identified a gap in the market for this specific service plan requirement as a result of our constant customer and dealer engagement.  With the successful growth that Triumph has witnessed locally, they offered strong synergies with our brand and I believe that the service plan that we are able to now offer will enable Triumph to offer customers a sought after product that is backed by LiquidCapital, who forms part of the Imperial Group.”  

    The LiquidCapital service plan, offers customers the choice of taking one, two or three year plans up to a maximum of 30 000 or 48 000km - depending on the Triumph model.

    “Triumph owners may not be aware that even if they do not do the mileage, their bikes are still required to be serviced annually at a Triumph dealer to keep the manufacturer’s warranty in place, and the Triumph service plan will cover these annual services”, adds Olivier.

    Pricing will vary for the different options available and customers will have the choice of adding the service plan to their existing finance agreements to allow them to ‘spread’ the amount over the finance term (subject to bank approval), which will help them to budget for services by paying monthly and avoid rising future costs of services.

    The service plan is also available for pre-owned Triumph’s with less than 18 000km and under 2 years old, where customers, who already own Triumph’s can also purchase the service plan and enjoy the offered benefits.

    “At LiquidCapital, we always strive to develop and introduce innovative products in the market and this service plan underpins this philosophy”, concludes Cassel.

    The Triumph service plan is available in selected approved Triumph dealerships - a list of dealers can be found at