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From the pin-sharp colour clarity of the new full colour TFT instrument display, the new more intuitive ergonomically-designed illuminated switchcubes and 5-way joystick, up to five ridings, and cruise control as standard, the Speed Triple S and RS deliver a major step up in capability to an already legendary ride.

In addition, the top-spec Speed Triple RS takes the standard even higher with new Optimised Cornering ABS and traction control, supported by a new Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) that continuously monitors lean angles on the move. Also included on the RS is an additional Track riding mode, lap timer, keyless ignition and keyless steering lock.

This Speed Triple range is without doubt the smartest and most technologically advanced line-up ever.


Optimised Cornering ABS and Traction Control

For even greater stability while cornering and riding in a straight line, the Speed Triple RS features new Optimised Cornering ABS and traction control. This is supported by a new Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) developed in conjunction with Continental which takes continuous measurements of the bike as you ride, to calculate lean angle.

Up to five riding modes

Riding modes help you get the most from your motorcycle with tailor-made throttle maps, Optimised Cornering ABS and traction control settings that are adapted to suit the conditions and rider style. Road, Sport, Rain and Rider-configured modes come as standard on the Speed Triple S, with an extra Track mode available only on the top-spec Speed Triple RS.


As well as being packed with power, this is a bike that is also packed with premium technology.  Daytime Running Lights are fitted as standard for better visibility and even more of a distinctive nose-down Speed Triple character (DRL-applicable markets only).


Entirely in keeping with its premium new generation updates, the Speed Triple RS features the latest in keyless technology with a double security standard.

Firstly, the keyless ignition system recognises the proximity of the keyless fob, and enables ignition via your bike’s switchcube mounted start button. Additionally the system and fob allow you to set the steering lock via a dedicated lock button.

And secondly, for an added layer of security that you won’t find with many other motorcycles, the Speed Triple’s keyless ignition system can be disabled at the touch of a button.