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Triumph Street Triple motorcycle going round racetrack bend




The Street Triple R and RS models feature an angle adjustable, full-colour 5” TFT instrument pack that allows users to access the host of state-of-the-art rider-focused technology available from the new on-board computer.

There are three different screen display styles to choose from on the R, and six styles on the RS, which alter the layout of the rider information.  These are linked to the riding modes, with the style set for ‘Sport’ and ‘Track’ modes focused more on the rev counter and gear position display, and the style set for ‘Road’ and ‘Rain’ modes with a greater focus on the speedometer.

To ensure that the screen is readable in all weather and light conditions, each of the three styles can be selected with ‘High’ or ‘Auto’ contrast which uses an integrated ambient light sensor to select the most appropriate setting automatically. Riders can change which the contrast setting easily and intuitively on the move, through the unique ‘info tray’ at the bottom of the screen.

And as if all that wasn’t enough, the Street Triple RS also comes with a lap timer. On the Street Triple S there is a fully revised LCD instrument pack, which allows the rider to select the riding modes on the move or at a standstill, and access key information from the on-board computer including odometer, fuel gauge, trip meter, and journey distance.




The ride-by-wire throttle on each Street Triple model delivers a crisper, more precise, and more accurate throttle response, with improved on/off throttle transition.  It also enables different throttle maps which, combined with the ABS and traction control settings, give up to 5 selectable riding models.



The Street Triple RS model is fitted with a quickshifter, allowing for clutchless upshifts of up to 2.5x quicker than a skilled rider using a standard clutch upshift.  The quickshifter feature is also available as an accessory option on both the Street Triple S and R models.





Linked to the ride-by-wire system, the Street Triple models have much greater rider control with the introduction of riding modes.  You can adjust throttle response, ABS and traction control settings at the touch of a button.

The Street Triple S includes 2 modes; ‘Road’ and ‘Rain’.  The Street Triple R features 4 modes in total with the addition of ‘Sport’ and a ‘Rider Programmable’ mode.  The Street Triple RS delivers the highest level of specification with 5 riding modes to choose from, with the addition of a ‘Track’ mode.


Triumph Street Triple motorcycle cornering around bend on race track




The high-spec on-board computer on the Street Triple S and R gives the rider access to all key information via the TFT screen.

On permanent display is the speedometer, rev counter, riding mode symbol, gear position display, fuel gauge, clock and ambient temperature.

Additional rider information is also presented in the selectable ‘tray’ at the bottom of the screen, including two trip displays, average and instantaneous fuel consumption, range to empty, riding mode selection, contrast settings, service information, coolant temperature, warning symbol information and exclusively for the RS model, a lap timer.



To navigate the new instruments on the Street Triple R and RS there are switchcubes with an intuitive 5-way joystick control that have been ergonomically optimised to be easy to use – either on the move or at a standstill. 



The anti-lock braking system from Continental brings a new level of control on all models.  ABS is also switchable on the Street Triple R and RS through the ‘Rider Programmable’ riding mode, which can be adjusted to suit Road and Track modes, or turned off completely if desired.




The Street Triple line-up all feature headlights designed for a more aggressive stance.

The Street Triple R and RS feature distinctive LED Daytime Running Lights (DRL*) built into the headlights. These bring a new eye-catching light profile that makes the bike easier to see out on the road and offers lower energy consumption for greater long term durability. The DRLs are an amazing 28x brighter than the previous generation bulb sidelight.

The Street Triple S features new LED position light headlights. The LED position light is 4.6x brighter than the previous generation bulb sidelight.

*Please note that the DRL function is not available in all markets – please check with your local dealer.



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