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South African’s are anything but mundane, so why would our riding options be any different? Discover which type of motorcycle would best fit your lifestyle and personality by reading below.

Two 2016 triumph Tiger motorcycles with riders overlooking mountain range

The Roadster

If you’re a fast paced, thrill seeking adrenaline junkie with an eye for elegant design, then perhaps our roadsters are the bikes for you. These motorcycles are made for speed and elegance, and certainly won’t leave you wanting for more; except, perhaps another quick spin around the track. 

The Adventure Bike:

If you are an adventure seeker, our Tigers will speak, nay, roar to your wild heart! These motorcycles are so well balanced that riding cross country, even on the roads less traveled, will be nothing but pure pleasure. But don’t be fooled by their beautiful design, our adventure range are built to dominate the untamed! This is where nature and machine find a perfect balance; who ever said speed was the only way you could get a thrill?

The Modern Classic:

Are you one for cruising through the suburbs, popping into your local eateries and relishing in the elegance of the ride? Or perhaps you enjoy keeping up with the trendiest events your town has to offer. Whichever you choose, you won’t find a more distinctive ride than one of our modern classics. Do not let the retro look fool you, these bikes pack a punch when you need them to, but more importantly, their beauty is there to be admired. Of the three ranges, the modern classics just lends itself so much to customization and the expression of uniqueness.

So, whether you’re looking for speed, adventure or that touch of style, Triumph will take you on the ride of your life. Triumph Motorcycles Ltd, with their eye on innovative engineering and inspired design, offers a wide range of sensational motorcycles to fulfill every rider’s dream.


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