Cancer survivors Triumph on two wheels

    Triumph Motorcycles SA is one of the main sponsors for the Cancer.vive annual tour, which sees cancer survivors taking to the open road to spread a powerful and passionate message of hope and awareness.

    Over 50 people, including 30 cancer survivors, celebrities and supporters, take part in the NGO People Living with Cancer (PLWC)’s annual colourful 2300km cancer awareness motorcycle ride. The colourful procession of motorcycles and brightly branded support vehicles travel across South Africa each year reaching thousands of South Africans along the way.

    Whilst the Cancer.vive team works throughout the year to raise funds and fight the disease, the annual motorcycle ride remains the organisation’s flagship event supported by their passionate sponsors’ Revlon, Caltex, Imperial Ford/Mazda and Triumph Motorcycles.

    Cancer.vive Operational Manager and cancer survivor, Frieda Henning says it’s a spectacular sight when their long procession roars into the small towns along the way.  “In the rural villages, it is as if life comes to a standstill when we arrive. We are always welcomed with great enthusiasm and it’s an exciting highlight when onlookers realise most of the riders are women”.

    The education and awareness programmes of Cancer.vive target the early detection and treatment of all cancers, with the focus on the ‘shy’ cancers which, due to social or cultural stigmas, people are hesitant to talk about. The so-called shy cancers include testicular, cervical, prostate, ovarian, breast and colon cancer. These cancers are known as the silent killers as they often go undetected for far too long due to a lack of knowledge, fear or shame.

    The message is clear…Cancer affects millions of South Africans and is the leading cause of death globally.  However, knowledge is the key to saving lives as, 30% of all cancers can be prevented and treated if detected early.

    “We want all South Africans to understand what the risks and the signs are. We want our audiences to truly grasp the importance of self-examination, regular check-ups and the different treatments and support structures available” says Frieda Henning. 

    Triumph Motorcycles has sponsored this initiative for 3 years now.  They not only provide the motorcycles for the ride, but are also actively involved in the journey, by providing a back-up vehicle and trailer, as well as two marshals who make it their mission to keep the group safe.

    “Sponsoring Cancer.vive is an easy decision when you can see how this initiative touches and changes lives.  By getting involved the way we do we are able to see first-hand how our sponsorship is utilized directly and positively” says Arnold Olivier, Brand Manager for Triumph Motorcycles SA.

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